SEPS offers comprehensive testing, certification and maintenance of biosafety cabinets. All biological safety cabinets ( BSC’s) are certified to meet NSF-49 F guidelines and manufacture specifications.

Our technicians follow strict standard operating procedures (SOPs), which remain in compliance with Federal and International Safety Guidelines.


Our Service Areas:

  • Metro NYC
  • Long Island
  • Lower NYS (Albany & South)
  • Western Connecticut
  • Northern & Central New Jersey
  • North Western PA

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Bio Safety Cabinet in Lab


Tests Performed in All Certifications:

Inflow velocity test Provides personal protection
Down flow velocity test Provides product protection
Hepa filter leak test Provides protection to your working agents and room environment
Smoke visualization test Verifies proper airflow direction
Site installation test & alarm calibration Required on B1 and B2 biosafety cabinets only
Light intensity test Assures sufficient light to prevent operator fatigue
UV light test Assures UV bulb is providing proper sterilization
Electrical safety test Assures that the unit is electrically safe for worker use
Sound test Verifies that the use of the biosafety cabinet will not contribute to workers fatigue


Optional Tests:

Vibration testing Assures that the product is not damaged by vibration
Viable and non-viable particle count See our cleanroom services for more detail
Pressure decay and cabinet integrity test Assures no contamination escaping through welds and joints