worker in coverall gown cleaning a biosafety cabinet for decontamination services

A Quick Guide to Lab Equipment Decontamination

At S.E.P.S., we respect the value of laboratory cleanliness. For years, we’ve made laboratory equipment certification and maintenance a priority. Ensuring laboratory hygiene and safety is a process we’re very familiar with. We also place a very high importance on the decontamination of lab equipment. Decontamination is the term used to describe a treatment or  … Read more

Female life scientist researching in laboratory, pipetting cell culture medium samples in laminar flow. Photo taken from laminar interior

Laminar Flow Hood Usage in the Lab

Working in a laboratory involves using some pretty elaborate equipment. At S.E.P.S., we’ve certified and decontaminated scientific equipment for over 18 years. Scientists in several industries rely on their instruments to produce their data and perform their work. And one device that’s indispensable in several industries is the laminar flow hood. Laminar flow hoods have  … Read more

Serious busy laboratory workers in white coats standing at desk and analyzing samples while working in environmental biotechnology laboratory

3 Simple Tips to Maintaining Laboratory Equipment

Working in a lab these days is a spectacular balancing act. At S.E.P.S., we’re familiar with the keys to keeping labs clean and functional. Hygiene, equipment operating, and repairs need constant consideration. And considering our varied repair and certification services, S.E.P.S. knows how to maintain a lab. The modern laboratory demands regular administrative attention. And  … Read more

Scientists are preparing to carry through the fume hood in the lab of chemistry

Fume Hood: Essential Info & Guidelines

S.E.P.S. has provided the Tri-State area with fume hood certification for years. Our techniques ensure your lab is operating efficiently and maintaining safety. Fume hoods are widely considered an essential part of any modern lab. So what exactly are fume hoods, and why are they so important? In labs that work with particularly harmful chemicals  … Read more

Bio Safety Cabinet in Lab

Biosafety Levels 1-4: What’s the Difference?

In biological labs, there are specific precautions such as testing and certification that must be taken in order to protect personnel and their environment. All of the biological organisms that are tested and handled are assigned a specific, numerical rating. These ratings are created by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention – widely known  … Read more

Inspection testing and certification Air velocity, airflow volume and room air change rate - Cleanroom Testing & Certification

Cleanrooms & The Importance of Uniform Airflow

Cleanrooms are designed for conducting research or manufacturing in extremely clean environments. And, in critical environments, the cleanliness relies heavily on airflow. Creating and maintaining the perfect cleanroom is no easy task. You need to meet hefty standards, such as ones directed by the FDA. Additionally, you need the room and your scientific equipment consistently  … Read more

Soft focus to Scan air leak test of HEPA Filter during Cleanroom repair service

What is a Cleanroom?

Healthcare, research, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology fields will all need cleanroom repair services, testing, and certification at some point. But, what exactly is a cleanroom? At SEPS, cleanrooms are one of our areas of expertise. For over 18 years, we have provided cleanroom repair service, as well as biosafety cabinet certification, to various types of facilities  … Read more