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Biosafety Level 1 Labs: The Basics

For those working in a biological lab, they may be familiar with BSL or bio safety labs. However, what does BSL mean and what are the levels of biosafety? In biological labs, employees often handle hazardous materials. In fact, some of these specimens can even be fatal at times. Therefore, biosafety labs have a numerical  … Read more

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Laminar Flow Hood Cleaning: A Guide to the Basics

Laboratory work involves some pretty intricate equipment. Anyone who works in a lab can attest to this. At S.E.P.S., scientific equipment has been our area of expertise for over eighteen years. Between our calibrating, decontamination and sterilization, there’s no lab machinery we’re not familiar with. And one of the most critical tools in lab work  … Read more

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How Fan & Filter Units Promote Lab Safety

At SEPS, the cleanliness and safety of labs is our specialty. From equipment cleaning to contamination prevention, our team maintains a dedication to total lab safety. At the moment, we continue to do our part in the fight against COVID-19. This includes sterilization, advanced hygiene practices and personal protective equipment. Labs are among the essential  … Read more

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SEPS: Our Accreditations & Affiliations

At S.E.P.S., we’ve spent eighteen years serving the scientific community. We aim to provide the highest quality of service in the controlled environment field. Whether it’s calibration, testing, lab certification or repairs, we want to solve all of your problems swiftly and efficiently. Additionally, we prioritize perfection. In our field, it’s important to have the  … Read more

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Updated Guidelines for Handling & Processing Possible COVID-19 Specimens

S.E.P.S. maintains a firm dedication to the cleanliness and safety of scientific work environments. As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, we’re discovering new information about the virus on a daily basis. Our previous FAQ on the virus explored the basics of lab decontamination and safety from C.D.C. resources. Additionally, our previous post broke down  … Read more

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SEPS & the Fight Against COVID-19

S.E.P.S. has always exercised a firm commitment to lab cleanliness and safety. The health and safety of our associates, employees and customers is of the utmost importance to us. We’ve served the scientific community in New York and the Tri-State Area for years with a firm commitment to the sterilization and decontamination of lab environments.  … Read more

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FAQs on Lab Biosafety and COVID-19

Biosafety measures for protection from exposure to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 is changing day to day. Lab personnel should adapt based on CDC, WHO, and OSHA standards. While general guidance, such as frequent hand washing still applies, those exposed to the virus need extra precautions. Obviously, all of these precautions may not apply to every  … Read more

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3 Steps to Successful Lab Decommissioning

Disposing of or moving scientific equipment is complex. When it comes time to dismantle, remove or discard your equipment, this process is known as decommissioning. Unfortunately, you can’t simply dispose of lab equipment in a dumpster. In order to accomplish this right, you need professional decommissioning services. Essentially, we make sure that lab equipment goes  … Read more

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Preventing Contamination in Your Lab

Every lab has had their run-ins with contamination. Managing a lab can be quite the balancing act. Whether you’re dealing with scientific equipment repairs, calibration or chemical spills, lab administration can be demanding and stressful. Naturally, close calls with lab contamination are simply par for the course. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight contamination  … Read more

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5 FAQs on Effective BSC Decontamination & Certification

Biological safety cabinets (or BSC’s or biosafety cabinets) are one of the most important tools in modern labs. They provide an enclosed, ventilated space for safely handling hazardous materials. Most labs with a biosafety level rating have these cabinets to handle samples in. Here, we’ve broken down a few FAQs on BSC decontamination and certification.  … Read more