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Lab Equipment Certification

SEPS offers comprehensive certification services for BSC's, fume hoods, centrifuges, and other scientific equipment. SEPS technicians follow strict SEPS standard operating procedures (SOP) which remain in compliance with Federal and International Safety Guidelines. Furthermore, all biological safety cabinets (BSC’s) are certified to meet NSF-49 F guidelines and manufacture specifications.

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Pharmacy Compliance & Support

Need your pharmacy to be in compliance with USP 797 guidelines? SEPS is working close with CETA to help our clients comply and pass FDA inspection requirements. Additionally, we provide gap analysis consultations. For compliance deficiencies that are not covered in calibration and certification services, a gap analysis from SEPS will ensure pharmacy compliance.

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Equipment Decontamination

When your lab calls for an aseptic environment, SEPS has the solution. Our decontamination services will effectively neutralize all contaminants. Whether you need an entire room decontamination, or scientific equipment including Biosafety Cabinets, Incubators and Centrifuges, SEPS can help. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, you can rely on SEPS to insure the safe, timely, and effective neutralization of contaminants in you facility.

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About S.E.P.S.

With over 18 years of experience in certification, calibration and repair service our theme is "We are big enough to serve but small enough to care."

SEPS Inc., is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of service in the controlled environment field. Each service we provide for our customers will be focused on complete customer satisfaction.

For the convenience of our customer SEPS stocks hepa filters, motors and other major parts – this will minimize downtime.

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Accreditations & Affiliations

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NSF Accredited Biosafety Cabinet Field Certifier

S.E.P.S. Blog Updates

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Unidentified microbiologist is open the cleanroom door to enter the room in clean area of microbial laboratory in pharmaceutical factory, concept of science, healthcare and safety operation.

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