GAP Analysis Consultation:

This analysis will get you from where you are right now as a pharmacy to where you need to be after construction of your new or rebuilt pharmacy.

SEPS quality assurance practices included, but not limited to the following:

  • Routine disinfection and air quality testing of the direct compounding environment to minimize microbial surface contamination ISO Class 5 air quality (under 100 particles)
  • Visual air testing to ensure proper clean room operation and professional testing of your equipment such as laminar flow hoods, chemo hoods, glove box isolators. All tests performed by NSF accredited technicians for maximum assurance of safety for your staff.

Lab Risk Assessment for Bio Safety Levels 1-4 (BSL1-4)

We provide consultation on your lab design and advise you on the risk assessment as needed. Consultation services are provided to all labs, from Biosafety Level 1 to 4. Contact Us

Clean room Consultation

SEPS offers clean room and environmental services including certification and testing. We provide current good manufacturing practices. SEPS follows strict (IEST) Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology and (ISO) International Organization for Standardization guidelines in all of our clean room certifications and testing methods.

SEPS technicians perform the following tests in all clean rooms as our basic (SOP’s) standard operating procedures requires:

  • Airflow Volume / Velocity Test
  • Room Air Changes per hour test and calculations
  • Hepa Filter Integrity Test
  • Viables and Non Viable Particle Counting Test
  • Pressure Cascade Monitoring
  • Temperature / Relative Humidity Test
  • Lighting Test
  • Sound Test
  • Vibration Test (optional)
  • Airflow Visualization Test

Clean Room test reports are offered on the spot as all SEPS technician’s work with SEPS computerized Cert Pro software.

Need help in the purchase of new lab equipment. Please contact us for more information.

Lab Design Consultation

SEPS experts can help you design and/or reconstruct your lab. Call us for more information.