Let our trained technicians decontaminate, dismantle, remove and discard your unwanted biosafety cabinets, Laminar flow units and other lab equipment.

Additionally, we can move your lab equipment anywhere within the Northeast Region. All equipment is moved by factory Trained Technicians.


Lab Equipment Decommissioning and/or Relocating

Scientific industries working in research, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and more must comply with several legal standards throughout the course of their operations. And many labs, over time, find themselves advancing in their respective fields. As a result, they must expand their operations. This  can involve hiring more workers, establishing new policies and relocating to larger facilities.  And relocation means transporting their equipment from their current lab to the new one. Or, lab administrators may decide to discard the equipment entirely. Because of the hazards involved with this kind of work, each lab must decommission their devices before relocating.

SEPS and our team of expert techs decommission lab equipment in the most safe and compliant manner possible. So, lab devices like refrigerators and biosafety cabinets, will be assessed and decommissioned with our commitment to quality and premium service. Additionally, we’ll ensure complete decontamination, dismantling, removal and installation. Of course, like all of our services, we carefully refine our decommissioning in order to ensure maximum convenience for your lab. 


Compliance With RCRA & CERCLA 

Decommissioning is an essential service for labs nationwide. This is because of two federal statutes which impose liabilities for the hazards your equipment can create. The Resource Conservation & Recovery Act of 1976 and Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, & Liability Act of 1980 are the principal federal policies which highlight these risks. In essence, both laws enforce the importance of proper waste management techniques and preventing the release of hazardous pollutants. 

Furthermore, an effective decommissioning service, like SEPS, can guarantee a process which adheres to each policy with zero risk of violation. Our expert techs execute each service with a focus on remaining within the legal requirements of both statutes. This way, your lab remains well outside the risk of potential liabilities. 


SEPS’ Lab Decommissioning Services 

SEPS has decades of experience successfully decommissioning equipment for labs throughout the area. And, we work to ensure a stress-free experience throughout each step of the process and dismantle your devices with unbeatable precision. In addition, we place a strong emphasis on adhering to every relevant safety standard and ensuring compliance across the board. 

Upon completion of the service, we’ll provide you with thorough documentation verifying the successful decommissioning of your device. These documents will certify that your lab remains in compliant with the policies enforcing proper waste management and hazard elimination. Any state or federal agencies responsible for assessing your facility can accept these as proof of proper equipment decommissioning. Our accreditations and affiliations with industry-leading agencies confirm our ability to deliver exceptional services for our clients with incomparable efficiency.