For your convenience SEPS stocks hepa filters, motors and other parts for all equipment that we service – this will minimize downtime.

We also have access to many hard to find parts that are no longer available from the manufacturer.

HEPA Filter Replacement

We stock the most common sizes of hepa filters for your BSC, Laminar Flow Units, Clean Rooms and others.

Motor Replacement

AC motor replacement and DC motor replacement.

Component Replacement

Sash windows, sash balance, cables, pistons and motorized sash repair.

Electronic Repairs

Main PC boards, display boards, wiring repairs and interior outlet repairs.

UV/Lightning Repairs

Bulbs, Ballasts, Light Switches and Wiring.

Hydraulic Lift Systems Repairs

Complete Repair / Service of Lift Systems.

Custom Installations

Accessory installation, UV light kits, fluorescent light kits, air flow monitors and casters.