SEPS technicians – who are all CETA professionals – offer pharmacy services to increase patient safety in pharmacies.

USP 797 Compliance Consulting

Need your pharmacy to be in compliance with USP 797 guidelines? SEPS is working close with CETA to help our clients comply and pass FDA inspection requirements. With professional service and experience in all USP 797 and FDA expectations, we will have your pharmacy passing and working in a timely manner.

What is USP 797 Environmental Testing?

USP 797 refers to Chapter 797, which contains the guidelines and procedures for compounding sterile preparations (CSP).

Labs and pharmacies require clean facilities for sterile compounding procedures. USP 797 standards apply to hospitals, pharmacies, physician practice facilities, and anywhere else CSPs are prepared, stored, or transported.


GAP Analysis Consultation

This analysis will get your pharmacy from where it is, to where it needs be. Whether its after construction or a newly built pharmacy, all pharmacies will need expert quality assurance services.

SEPS QA practices include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Routine disinfection and air quality testing of the direct compounding environment; This will minimize microbial surface contamination and maintain ISO Class 5 air quality (under 100 particles)
  • Visual air testing to ensure proper clean room operation; Including professional testing of your equipment such as laminar flow hoods, chemo hoods, glove box isolators; All tests performed by NSF Accredited technicians for maximum assurance of safety for your staff.
  • For your convenience, SEPS stocks HEPA filters, motors and other parts for all equipment that we service, which will help maintain your laboratory equipment and minimize downtime.