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3 Types of Vital Lab Equipment That Need Certification

No matter what your scientific industry may be, making sure your equipment is in excellent shape is essential. At SEPS, we maintain a multi-decade commitment to serving the scientific community with our services. Our cleaning, decontamination, repair and more are all refined to ensure your lab continues to operate with maximum efficiency. Without a doubt,  … Read more

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Biological Safety Cabinets: Decontamination Checklist

A biological safety cabinet is one of the most important tools for the countless labs that use them. At SEPS, biological safety cabinets (or BSCs) are one of the lab tools we have the most experience cleaning, repairing and maintaining. They’re critical to preserving the safety of lab workers. Nowadays, in the age of COVID-19,  … Read more

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When Do You Need Lab Equipment Certification?

Lab equipment certification is an official way to verify that lab equipment is working properly. Obviously, getting accurate results from your lab equipment is of critical importance. However, do you know when you need lab equipment certification? And, how often should your lab have equipment certified? At SEPS, our mission is to support the scientific  … Read more

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Cleaning & Sterilizing Your Cleanroom

These days, cleanliness is more important than ever. The world continues to grapple with a pandemic. At SEPS, helping labs stay clean and sterile has been part of our mission for many years. Often, lab workers must handle some pretty dangerous organisms. This is especially true in labs with biological safety (or “biosafety”) lab ratings.  … Read more

Properly Sanitizing Your Lab’s High Traffic Areas

Right now, every business is struggling to adjust to a very new world. Even though COVID-19 cases are dropping in the North East area, we still have to proceed with absolute caution. Many businesses have safety policies changing on a daily basis. And in labs, when workers must often work in close proximity to each  … Read more

Unofficial Lab Safety Policies

Here, we have listed some of the less-official safety policies throughout modern laboratories. You won’t find these in employee handbooks or manuals, but that doesn’t lessen their importance. In fact, many lab administrators enforce these on a regular basis. In this post, we’ll explore and discuss these unspoken and unofficial safety policies. Every lab worker  … Read more

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Biosafety Level 4 Labs: The Basics

Alas, we have arrived at our final post exploring biosafety levels. In our previous three posts, we explored biosafety levels 1-3. Also, we broke down the various precautions in place to protect employees and prevent contamination. In our previous feature, we discussed biosafety level 3, or BSL-3. Therefore, in this post we’ll explore biosafety level  … Read more

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Biosafety Level 3: The Basics

In our previous two posts, we explored biosafety levels (BSL) 1 & 2. Labs that handle hazardous biological materials are each given biosafety ratings. These numbers, ranging from 1 to 4, indicate both the danger of the materials within and the precautions that must be taken by personnel. The higher the number, the more dangerous  … Read more

Biosafety Level 2 Labs: The Basics

In our previous post, we broke down biosafety level (BSL) 1 labs. Biological labs operate under safety ratings, as anyone who works in one of these can attest to. However, what does BSL mean and what are the levels of biosafety? In biological labs, or bio-labs, workers often deal with dangerous substances. In fact, some  … Read more

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Biosafety Level 1 Labs: The Basics

For those working in a biological lab, they may be familiar with BSL or bio safety labs. However, what does BSL mean and what are the levels of biosafety? In biological labs, employees often handle hazardous materials. In fact, some of these specimens can even be fatal at times. Therefore, biosafety labs have a numerical  … Read more