Scientists are preparing to carry through the fume hood in the lab of chemistry

Fume Hood: Essential Info & Guidelines

S.E.P.S. has provided Tri-State area labs with fume hood certification for years. Of course, our numerous techniques ensure your unit (and consequently, your lab) operates efficiently and maintains safety. In addition, every industry veteran understands that fume hoods are an essential part of any modern lab. So what exactly are fume hoods, and why are  … Read more

Accidents in the laboratory. Scientists spilled test tube with infected blood

8 Steps to Handling Chemical Spills in the Lab

Every lab with inherent risks implements their own safety protocol specific to their industry and the hazards within their facility. However, no matter how cautiously you may navigate day-to-day work or material handling, accidents are inevitable. Of course, you can develop and apply policies with the strictest possible standards addressing every potential scenario. But no  … Read more

Female lab worker sterilizing medical instruments in autoclave

5 Common Methods of Lab Sterilization

In order to ensure labs and personnel remain as safe as possible, we have specific services in place. Specifically, handling biological specimens and hazardous materials present unique safety challenges. Services like lab equipment disposal, biosafety cabinet maintenance and certification are all keys to upholding cleanliness and safety. In addition to these, procedures like lab equipment  … Read more

Corona virus 2019-nCoV blood test in gold top serum separator blood tube with gloves, mask and biohazard bag

3 Simple Steps to Preventing Contamination in Your Lab

Every lab has had their own personal contamination scares. Whether you’re dealing with lab equipment repairs, calibration or chemical spills, lab administration can be demanding and stressful. Naturally, close calls with lab contamination are simply par for the course. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t actively resist contamination each and every day. Essentially, when it  … Read more

Tested stamp on a seal attached to lab equipment for certification

Lab Equipment Certification: Why is it important?

Most lab managers would agree: maintaining a lab or cleanroom is a balancing act. Labs of any kind – whether medical, biological or pharmaceutical – require constant oversight to ensure they function safely and efficiently. One of the most integral ways to ensure safety, accuracy and functionality is with lab equipment certification. Lab certification services  … Read more

worker in coverall gown cleaning a biosafety cabinet for decontamination services

A Quick Guide to Lab Equipment Decontamination

At SEPS, we respect the value of laboratory cleanliness. For years, we’ve made lab equipment certification and maintenance a priority. Lab hygiene and safety are two principles essential to our everyday mission. We also know how essential it is to decontaminate lab equipment. This term describes a procedure that renders a device, instrument or surface  … Read more

Serious busy laboratory workers in white coats standing at desk and analyzing samples while working in environmental biotechnology laboratory

3 Simple Tips to Maintaining Laboratory Equipment

Managing a lab these days is a spectacular balancing act. At SEPS, we’re experts on helping to keep labs clean, safe and functional. Hygiene, equipment operating, maintenance and repairs demand constant attention. And considering our decades of experience, plus varied repair and certification services, we know all about how to maintain a lab. Of course,  … Read more

Bio Safety Cabinet in Lab

Biosafety Levels 1-4: What’s the Difference?

In biological labs, all personnel must take precautions in order to protect themselves, their co-workers and their environment. Similar to the testing and certification of lab equipment, lab facilities must meet certain standards. These standards ensure the safe handling of dangerous organisms. Each biological organism that employees test and handle receive specific, numerical ratings. The  … Read more

Inspection testing and certification Air velocity, airflow volume and room air change rate - Cleanroom Testing & Certification

Cleanrooms & The Importance of Uniform Airflow

Within several scientific industries, workers must conduct research or manufacture in extremely clean, sanitary environments. Cleanrooms are the solution to this particular need. And, in critical environments, the cleanliness relies heavily on airflow. Creating and maintaining the perfect cleanroom is no easy task. They must adhere to high, rigid standards, specifically the FDA’s. In addition, every  … Read more

Realistic 3D Illustration of COVID-19 Vaccine. Corona Virus SARS-CoV-2, 2019 nCoV virus destruction. A vaccine against coronavirus disease 2019. Breakthrough in the Creating of a COVID-19 Vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccine Storage & Handling Practices

For hundreds of years, we’ve relied on vaccinations to protect us from countless illnesses. And today, in the modern lab, the storage and handling of these vaccines are essential. Additionally, they’re not only critical to the success of your lab, but to the health and safety of communities worldwide. Today, with the continuing threat of  … Read more