Emergency eye wash in a laboratory

The Safety Equipment That Absolutely Every Lab Must Have

Often, lab employees have to work with harmful chemicals, airborne agents, samples, contaminated tools and more. Depending on the industry or work, it’s impossible to find zero safety risks in each facility.  The most common lab injuries are burns, cuts, chemical irritation and inhalation. Therefore, it’s important for staff to introduce safety training topics and  … Read more

Chemist wearing safety glasses and using tablet pc in lab, Testing for Coronavirus Covid19 vaccine

5 Ways to Reinforce Health & Safety Practices In Your Lab 

Do you have concerns about your lab’s overall safety? Are your employees respecting your official protocol and precautions when it comes to potential hazards? Do you keep them up-to-date on the possible safety issues within the lab?  Working in a lab presents a lot of risks that employees need thorough training on to maintain safety  … Read more

Scientists are preparing to carry through the fume hood in the lab of chemistry

Laboratory Fume Hoods: Decommissioning & Disposals

The process of decommissioning and disposing of fume hoods demands expertise and professional insight. Of course, there are a few steps you can take on your own to handle each of them. However, in order to ensure you complete them safely and correctly, you must fully understand the process. Or, you can enlist the help  … Read more

Worker using checklist for food lab safety

3 Essential Topics for Lab Safety Training

When any lab hires a new employee, they must receive a lab safety orientation training. Lab safety orientations cover important safety plans and procedures. These include the facility’s Chemical Hygiene Plan, Emergency Action Plan, decontamination protocol and Bloodborne Pathogen Biosafety Plan, wherever applicable. Depending on the employee’s work history, they may have experience with several  … Read more

Young scientist working in a safety laminar air flow cabinet at laboratory

Laminar Flow Hood Cleaning: A Guide to the Basics

Laboratory work involves some pretty intricate equipment. Anyone who works in a lab can attest to this. At S.E.P.S., scientific equipment has been our area of expertise for over eighteen years. Between our calibrating, decontamination and sterilization, there’s no lab machinery we’re not familiar with. And one of the most critical tools in lab work is the  … Read more

Bio Safety Cabinet in Lab

A Guide to Maintaining Physical & Digital Lab Equipment

If you work in a lab, you know it’s crucial to keep your equipment clean and maintained. Often, failure to maintain facilities and equipment can derail an entire scientific study. Also, your lab results may be completely invalid in the event of contamination. Keeping your lab and equipment clean isn’t the most fascinating part of  … Read more

PPE Equipment on table

Cleaning & Disinfecting Basic Lab PPE

All businesses need to take employee safety into consideration, now more than ever before. With the lingering concerns over COVID-19, worker health is currently of paramount importance, regardless of industry. However, as all lab managers know, scientific agencies can be especially hazardous, even under normal circumstances. Therefore, in any lab setting, safety is a central  … Read more

Accidents in the laboratory. Scientists spilled test tube with infected blood

Tips for Performing Safe Experiments in a Chemistry Lab

In a lab, safety should always be your number one priority. This is true whether you’re performing basic research in a cleanroom or conducting chemistry experiments. Chemistry experiments that are unsafe can lead to much worse than spills or equipment failure. You never want to execute any experiments that aren’t safe. Mistakes in chemistry experiments  … Read more

scientist working with glassware in the laboratory

Lab Beakers & Their Uses

Glassware is a critical part of a lab’s everyday operations. Beakers play a massive role in research, work and particularly within chemistry labs. With a wide range of different beakers available, each providing specific functions, it’s essential for all lab personnel to know which beaker they should enlist for the task. Selecting the right beaker  … Read more

Vector image of scientific lab with equipment and furniture layout

What to Consider When Selecting the Best Equipment for Your Lab

Constructing a laboratory can be an overwhelming project.  It requires extensive planning, engineering, building, furnishing, staffing and training. Obviously, this is incredibly laborious and time-consuming, to put it mildly. And one critical step in the process is selecting the right lab equipment.  Of course, an enormous amount of consideration goes into this step. Factors like  … Read more