Accidents in the laboratory. Scientists spilled test tube with infected blood

Tips for Performing Safe Experiments in a Chemistry Lab

In a lab, safety should always be your number one priority. This is true whether you’re performing basic research in a cleanroom or conducting chemistry experiments. Chemistry experiments that are unsafe can lead to much worse than spills or equipment failure. You never want to execute any experiments that aren’t safe. Mistakes in chemistry experiments  … Read more

scientist working with glassware in the laboratory

Lab Beakers & Their Uses

Glassware is a critical part of a lab’s everyday operations. Beakers play a massive role in research, work and particularly within chemistry labs. With a wide range of different beakers available, each providing specific functions, it’s essential for all lab personnel to know which beaker they should enlist for the task. Selecting the right beaker  … Read more

Vector image of scientific lab with equipment and furniture layout

What to Consider When Selecting the Best Equipment for Your Lab

Constructing a laboratory can be an overwhelming project.  It requires extensive planning, engineering, building, furnishing, staffing and training. Obviously, this is incredibly laborious and time-consuming, to put it mildly. And one critical step in the process is selecting the right lab equipment.  Of course, an enormous amount of consideration goes into this step. Factors like  … Read more

Blur abstract background of ultra low temperature freezer for specimens storage in laboratory testing in medical hospital

The Essential Equipment Checklist for New Biological Labs

Each industry has its own specific needs concerning their facility, personnel and equipment. Sure, there are some devices that two different fields would both use. However, biological labs that are preparing to open have a very specific list of devices and tools they need to conduct their research. In this post, we’ll list the most  … Read more

weight measure on the electronic balance in a laboratory for calibration

What is NIST Traceable Calibration & Why is it Important?

SEPS is synonymous with safety, quality and exceptional service within the scientific community for a reason. We maintain a steadfast passion for sharing our expertise throughout these industries with expert, unbeatable services for which we receive formal recognition. By providing these services to labs across the New York Tri-State area, we contribute to the efficiency,  … Read more

HEPA Filter Leak Test of Technician Clean room

How Fan & Filter Units Promote Lab Safety

At SEPS, lab safety, cleanliness and efficiency are our priority. It doesn’t matter if you need equipment cleaning or contamination prevention. Ultimately, our team maintains a commitment to delivering total safety to every lab we serve. Still, after a year and a half, we must remain vigilant when it comes to COVID-19. Before, during, and  … Read more

Factory Cleanroom: Engineer Wearing Coverall and Mask Does System Control on a Computer, Uses Controller, Screen Shows Infographics

The Basics of Cleanroom Testing & Certification

Cleanrooms are indispensable to the labs and professions that use them. Certain fields, like life sciences, electronics, food manufacturing and pharmaceuticals must refine their products and conduct research in a sanitary environment with zero pollution. Therefore, airborne contaminants of any kind cannot enter the work space. Cleanrooms present the solution.  Often, cleanrooms are known as  … Read more

Lab tech working under fume hood

Common Fume Hood Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

In a scientific lab, mistakes can happen. Most people are well-intentioned and take precautions (such as equipment calibration and certification) to avoid them. However, even the most careful scientist may make a mistake sometimes. Fume hoods are an important piece of safety equipment in any laboratory because they remove fumes from experiments or other hazardous  … Read more

Young laboratory assistant working prepare instrument for chemical lab experiment in Lab

SEPS: Our Accreditations & Affiliations

In order to deliver excellence, we aim for perfection. And in the field of scientific equipment repair services, certain organizations’ stamps of approval can verify a business’s quality of service. Basically, there are numerous scientific organizations who review and approve certain service providers they find competent. At SEPS, we’re proud to have the approval of  … Read more

The image of chemical-biological laboratory equipment

3 Steps to Successful Lab Decommissioning

Originally published on March 11, 2020, this post has been updated for relevancy and accuracy. Disposing of or moving scientific lab equipment is not nearly as simple as many may think. Of course, the natural assumption would be to transport and dispose of equipment as we would anything. However, dismantling and discarding lab equipment requires a  … Read more